protect disabled trans folks


are captchas getting harder or am I slowly turning into a robot

last anon can go fuck themselves

You should try answering questions people actually ask you and stop policing how other disabled people refer to themselves. You are not protecting disabled trans folks. You are subjecting them to your judgment of what you think is acceptable. That helps no one. Trying having actually dialogues with people that you are claiming to protect and help.

silly me, i forgot.
it’s completely wrong for me to not want to engage in discussion with a person who has a word in their url that makes me personally uncomfortable that i will have to subject myself to looking at every single time i reply to a message of theirs. it’s also terribly, horribly wrong to not answer three of their questions (two of which are literally answered like. not even three pages into my blog, and the other that is sarcastic and rude as hell). like, who cares if at the same time i received their question my ask box was full of death threats and suicide baiting and people calling me the r slur. especially who cares if they share the same ideas with the people who sent me those disgusting things.
i have never, ever engaged in discussion with those who i want to help. never. ever. like, you totally cant find evidence of me interacting with disabled trans folk anywhere on my blog. ever. right!
i obviously do not have the interest of disabled trans folk in mind.
why would i ever care about disabled trans folk when i am one?
i sure do enjoy suffering

money cant buy me happiness but it sure as hell could buy me numerous life changing medical procedures

Don’t purposefully trigger people’s dysphoria


Truscum, anti-truscum, tucute, transmedicalist, something else, nothing else, whatever you call yourself if anything - it doesn’t matter.

Just don’t trigger people’s dysphoria. And, if you do, at least apologize or listen to them when they say you’re doing it. Don’t mock them. Don’t continue it. Don’t call it some kind of “pity points.” Dysphoria is dysphoria. Don’t fuck with it just because you don’t like someone.

i just do OO (i know, not very original haha) but i think i heard about your chicago thing at james logan last year! i'm a senior and i always wanted to be involved in speech/debate but i had a lot of health/familial problems and so i only got decently involved junior year. are you going to the IEs this year?

yesss!!! all of the ies, hopefully.
the Chicago duo BOMBED at Logan haha my partner was worried about her TI i think and we’d just gotten the script bc our last one, we fucked up haaated and did one we couldn’t find like, the papers for.
lmk who you are and I’ll see if i can catch u at the ies!!!! maybe tell me what school ur from (i wont publish it) and i can confirm whether or not were from the same region? :D id love to be ur friend ^…^

do you just do debate or also IE? i think we're in the same speech association and i'm wondering if i've seen you speak before haha

i do ie, also! i did duo [the (in)famous Chicago duo last year with the kickass we both reached for the gun tech , if u remember :P] and DI! this year im doing ti and hi
i had a lot of success w/ Chicago until like. state and nat quals when like a few super shitty duos did really well for some reason

'derp' isn't ableist it just describes a funny facial expression






derp is ableist.
i can explain better when I’m off mobile but
just look up “derp is ableist” on google and then I’ll . explain it better later

i have three main questions.

1. why do you assume my username is a reference to a (fairly recent) 4chan meme, and not the much older slang term?

2. where does one sign up for a permit to police the self-identity language of strangers, and is there a fee?

3. under what disability conditions may a person reclaim a term you consider to be insulting, in this case the term “derp”, without invoking social justice disapproval?


In the world of the alt, is there McRib?

Come to think of it, what is the alt to TLF’s ableism K?

1. yes.
2. alt is to reject all instances of ableism (including the derp meme)

you forgot my questions.

nahhh ur second question ruined the chances of me answering any of them. sorry. im not in an arguing mood rn anyhow.
plus if u check my blog im pretty sure u can like… find the answers anyways…….

uop is actually right? after my birthday i think. im excitttteeeedd